Yee gads. I’m hooked. I’ve been commuting for exactly three weeks from High Barnet, Northern Line, to Great Portland Street via King’s Cross St Pancras (not that anyone could possibly care about the circuitous route I insist on taking in the mornings. My mind at 9am is perhaps not quite able to be logical and just go to Warren Street and walk the extra three minutes). Now I’m not saying I’m hooked on commuting. I’m hooked on the trappings thereof: the Associated Newspapers. This organisation manages to turn out the most amazing amount of tripe (think the Daily-We’re-All-Going-To-Die-Of-Bird-Flu-Mail) and we’re all caught. The Metro (Yesterday’s News -or possibly last month’s story- Today!) in the mornings is replaced by copies of the Evening Standard in, yes, the evenings. Especially exciting are London Fashion Week’s ES Fashion mag and Friday’s ES mag release. I’ve no idea why I devour these publications. All I know is that now I’ve discovered them, even if I have a perfectly readable (and factual!) book on me, my fingers will drift towards any spare copy I can put them on and allow my eyes to wander over the, er, articles. Of course, when someone sits next to me with a copy of the Times I do tend to get that prickly feeling of embarrassment but soon enough that leaves when I come across an article suggesting that wearing a floppy flowery skirt and tweed is so hot right now or another interviewing someone slightly celeb in 60 seconds. I now intend to sit down with the Wikipedia or a good dictionary and attempt to raise my IQ by 10 points. Well that’s what weekends are for, aren’t they?

Wiblog entry for 04/09/2005

According to my husband, if my life were a game of Mastermind, my top three specialist subjects would be:

    Name and rank of every crew member featured on every starship on every season of StarTrek*
    The many joys of the Nokia 5100, including the multiple uses of its built-in torch
    Topshop winter lines from 2002

*I refute this. Mostly.

“If a book is any good, the cheaper the better.” Bernard Shaw

On married life.

I love it. It’s a terribly exciting thing to do (be married) and a delight to have someone around (who I like an awful lot) consistently.

It’s fantastic when my mother-in-law rings up. We natter for ages about what-not and allsorts and at the end of it all I generally come away feeling calm and relaxed. What a marvellous thing to be able to say when so often mothers-in-law are maligned or worse, live up to their stereotype.

It’s fun. We went to see the Penguin (as in the publisher) 70 Years of Design exhibition at the V&A Museum for a date night. Saul Bass artwork! And if you’re thinking “s-a-a-d” then just remember: it’s a lot more interesting than one of our first dates where we sat in the library and looked things up on the web. Now that’s sad. Let us hope that we’re more balanced, centred people now. Pah!

Perhaps I should stop with the saccharine. Instead, read something useful like Martin-the-money-saving-expert-of Radio-2-fame’s site.